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An Instant App Funnel is a mobile app that is based on your existing website and is designed to work for any business. It is easy to use and can increase sales, loyalty, and customer engagement. With the app, you can send push notifications - text messages - that contain marketing messages on a regular basis to everyone who has it installed.

What We Can Do For You...

Let's say you get an average of 2,000 customers a month. Let's also say that their average value is $120. Now, let's say that an Instant App Funnel and push notification campaigns get you an additional 5% of your monthly customers; that's 100 customers. That's an average additional revenue of $12,000 for the month.

Our monthly fee isn't even a full 10% of that. The Instant Funnel App itself is only a nominal one-time fee. We offer renewable 90-day push notification campaign packages. Put your messages on the most valuable real estate: your customers' mobile device home screen.

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Increase your customer value with an Instant App Funnel

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